Egg labeling


Today every egg will be "pinched" directly in the barn. This means that, according to the EU regulation, every hen has to mark his eggs directly in the barn with a stamp, the producer code. The stamp provides the consumer with a transparent overview of the following aspects:

• Husbandry system
• Country of origin
• Individual number of laying company (incl. information about the state and the stable number)


Labeling of the eggs

For example: 2-DE-0523053


Quality management

through "KAT"

The sign of the association for controlled alternative forms of keeping (KAT e.V.) stands for quality and safety. Accredited testing institutes control the form, feed, drinking water, hygiene and eggs. A database-based quantity flow control enables the complete tracking of every ice from the production plant to the sales rack.

Further information on the egg labeling and the KAT club can be found under the following link: