Brownie bombs


4 fresh eggs
100g walnut cores
50g hacked almonds
300g sugar
1 Msp. salt
100g dark chocolate
200g butter
100g Crème fraîche


100g flour
1/2 package baking powder
100g cream cheese
100g yoghurt
3 EL sugar
Wear of an untreated orange
A good splash cherry water
200g morello (dripped off)


Almonds in the frying pan golden-brown allow to roast and cool down. Walnuts hack. Eggs, sugar and salt hit with the barman during at least 10 minutes. Chocolate and butter dissolve together in a bowl in the water bath. Crème fraîche in addition mix. The sugar egg slowly fold in. The flour with the baking powder mix and fold in, then the walnuts and almonds mix in.

A deep baking sheet lay out with pan liner. Place the mix into. Baking: Preheated on 180 º C air circulation (E cooker:210ºC), middle rail, approx. 45 minutes.

Put the Brownies on a grid, allow to cool off, hit them in cellophane and keep them one day in the fridge. (After one day Brownies taste much more tasty and juicier!) ream cheese, yoghurt, sugar, cream fraîche, orange wear and cherry water flatly touches. hack the morellos roughly and fold in.

At least 15 min. cool down. Cut the Brownies to a little of any size and form and coat with the cheese-cherry cream excessively. Garnish just if you like with grated chocolate and fresh cherries.

Cassata ring cake


5 fresh eggs
125g butter
250g sugar
fine-hacked bowl of an untreated lemon
1 pinch salt
2 tablespoon orange liqueur
250 ml milk
500g flour
1 bag baking powder

50g candied lemon peel (hacked)
50g cherries (hacked)
100g Cooking chocolate (hacked)

Icing and decoration

1 egg white
250g powdered sugar
1 tablespoon liquid vegetable fat
1-2 teaspoon lemon juice
some stripes candied orange peel und Cherries


Stir the butter creamy. Seperate the fresh eggs, add the sugar bit by bit and whip everything creamy. Mix lemon bowl, salt, orange liqueur and milk together. Mix sieved flour with baking powder and stir by the spoonful. Stir candied lemon peel, cherries and cooking chocolate in the dough. Hit the egg white to stiff snow and mix in carefully.

Grease a ring cake form and powder it with flour. Fill in the dought. Bake in the preheated oven with 160 º C approx. 1 1/4 hours. Let the cakes fall out from the form and cool it on a cake grid.

Stir a thick icing from slightly whisked egg white, sieved powdered sugar, vegetable fat and lemon juice. Let the Icing flow about the cake. As long as the icing is still humid, lay up candied orange peel and cherry stripes.

Vanilla cheese-cream cake with blueberry


6 fresh eggs
250g flour
1 knife point baking powder
150 g sugar
3 package vanilla sugar
1 pinch salt
150g butter
500g blueberry

250g fresh cream
100g curd
1 package sauce powder „Vanilla" (for 500 ml liquid)
2 EL breadcrumbs
1 EL powdered sugar
just as you like lemon balm
flour for work surface
baking paper


For the shortcrust you have to mix flour, baking powder, 75 g of sugar, 1 package vanillin sugar in a bowl. Add one egg and butter flakes and knead everything with the dough hook of the hand mixer. Afterwards knead ist with the hands to a smooth dough. Then roll out the dough on a work surface strewed with flour to a circle (approx. 33 cm Ø). Following lay the dough carefully in a round pizza metal laid out with pan liner. Press the ground and edge easily and stick several times with a fork. Cool down the ground approx. 30 min.

In the meantime sort the blueberries. Give the Fresh cream, curd, remaining eggs, remaining vanillin sugar, sugar and sauce powder in a bowl and mix it with the wire whisk of the hand mixer to a smooth mass. Strew the shortcrust ground with breadcrumbs. Put 1-2 tablespoons blueberries aside. Distribute the rest of the blueberries evenly on the ground. Pour Egg-fresh-cream-icing about that and bake in the preheated oven (E cooker: 175 °C / gas range: Step 2) approx. 45 minutes on the lowest rail.

Take it from the oven and allow to cool down on a grid. Dust with powdered sugar, strew with remaining blueberries. Just if you like, you can decorated with lemon balm and serve.

Apricot vanilla roles with poppy


175g flour
100g sugar
3 fresh eggs
3/4 l milk
2 package vanilla custard powder

20g freshly ground poppy
500g apricots (alternatively 850ml can)
100g dried cowberry
40g butter


Mix flour, 40g sugar, eggs and 1/4 l milk to a smooth dough. Let dough 20 min swell. Whisk about 200ml milk, remaining sugar and pudding powder. First, boil remaining milk, then pull the pot of the cooker. Stir in the poppy and then the touched pudding powder. Place the pot back to the cooker and under stirring once allow to boil. Pull the pot once more from the cooker and swell 10 minutes.

Scin the apricots skin, halve, remove the stones and throw the dice, mix together with the cranberries under the poppy mass. Melt some butter in a coated frying pan (24 cm Ø), pour 1/4 dough in and bake it from both sides golden brown. Afterwards bake the remaining dough equally. Coat the pancakes with the apricot poppy measures and roll up.

Put all pancake roles in a greased form, dust with powdered sugar and escallop in the preheated oven (E cooker: 200 degrees of gas range: Stufe:3) 10-20 minutes brown.

Allgäuer cheese noodles


6 fresh eggs
40ml water
150g grated Allgäuer Swiss cheese
2 medium-sized onions (160g)
60g butter
350g flour


Sieve the flour into a bowl and mix with eggs, water and salt. Stir the dough until it throws bubbles, then leave some minutes. Scrape with a spaetzle slicer in richly cooking water and refine. The cooked noodles, rising in the surface, take out with a skimmer and give in a sieve.

Pile up with the cheese in layers in a bowl and keep warm. Peel the onions, cut them in rings and roast in the butter golden brown and crispy. Before serving give the onions with the butter about the noodles and serve with salad.

Colourful eggs salad


4 fresh eggs
1 bunch radish
in each case 1 red, yellow and green pepper (each 200g)
50g field salad
50g frisee lettuce
50g Lollo rosso salad
50g arugula

100g mushrooms
3 spring onions
4 small tomatoes
1 teaspoon mustard
3 soup spoon herb-flavoured vinegar
white pepper
4 soup spoon rape oil


Eggs hard cooking, wash and clean radish and paprika, cut the radishes in fine pencils and the peppers in very small cubes. Clean Salads, rinse, and pull in bite-size pieces. Clean mushrooms and cut in thin discs, wash spring onions and cut in thin rings. Wash the tomatoes and cut them in two halves.

Stir of mustard, herbal vinegar, spices and oil a marinade. Quench the hard-boiled eggs and quarter. Mix the salad ingredients and turn on in the marinade. Decorate with the eggs.

Eggs in green sauce


750g small potatoes
8 fresh eggs
250g fresh cream
100g mayonnaise
100 ml milk

1/2 bunch parsley
1 package (25g) deep-frozen 8-herbal mixture
20g butter
smooth parsley and dill to the decorating


Wash potatoes and cook 15-20 minutes in water. Cook eggs in cooking water for 9-10 minutes. In the meantime you have to mix fresh cream, mayonnaise and milk. Wash parsley, shake it drily, pluck lamella of the handles and hack well. Give it together with the frozen herbal mixture to the sauce and stir.

Mash it with the blender and taste with salt and pepper. Quench the potatoes and the eggs. Potato skin draw off. Heat up butter in a frying pan and brown lightly the potatoes in it all around. With salt spice. Peel the eggs and quarter. Arrange together with the potatoes and the sauce. Strew with pepper and garnished serve ist just if you like with dill and parsley.

Egg trout pie on toast


1 smoked trout (200g)
3 hard-boiled fresh eggs
2 soup spoon mayonnaise
2 soup spoon curd
1 teaspoon grated horseradish
150g smoked salmon

1 soup spoon finely hacked dill
Some drops of lemon juice
4 discs of toast bread
lettuce leaves
Dill to the decorating


Dice the trout. Halve the eggs and stroke from two eggs the yolk by a sieve. Mix Mayonnaise, curd and horseradish well. Submit salmon cubes with dill. Taste with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Toast the slices of bread easily and coat with the trout paste. Hack the remaining yolk and the egg white and give it on the toast bread. Garnish with dill and arrange on salad sheets.

Variations: Coat the toast bread with fresh cream cheese. Give a salad sheet on it and a lay big disc of smoked salmon trouts on it. Hack 2 hard-boiled eggs, distribute to the toast and garnish with 1 teaspoon caviar.

Grandmothers noodle salad


2 hard-boiled fresh eggs
200g peas
200g Noodles (f. e. spiral pasta)
1 soup spoon rape oil
1 soup spoon mustard
3 soup spoon white wine vinegar
100g double cream

150g sour cream
white pepper
200g pork sausage with garlic
2 sour cucumbers (100g)
1 small sourish apple
2 fresh tomatoes
3 soup spoon chive


Cook the peas in water with salt about 15 minutes, quench and let it drain. Cook the noodles in cooking water with salt and rapeseed oil bite-firmly or just if you like a little more softy. Pour the noodles of, quench and let it drain. Peel the hard-boiled eggs. Give them with mustard, the vinegar and both creams in a bowl, mash with a blender and taste with salt and pepper.

Cut the ham sausage in discs as thick as a fingers and then in cubes. Then dice the cucumber, too. Wash the apple, peel it, cut it in eighth parts, remove the core and cut the eighths in small discs. Wash the tomatoes and infuse one minute in hot water and then peel. Remove the stipe and cut the tomatoes across, then cut the halves in small stripes. Mix all ingredients warily, then stir the dressing. Again taste, arrange the salad in a bowl and garnish with tomatoes.

Piquant herbal pancakes


1 shallot
50 ml rape oil
1 pinch salt
1 pinch sweet paprika
150g curd

150g flour
3 fresh eggs
125 ml water
1/2 bunch chive
2-3 soup spoon rape oil to roast


Peel shallot, well hack and stew in 1 soup spoon of oil. Mix remaining oil with salt, paprika, curd and flour. Stir Eggs together with water and mix with the flour mixture. Add shallot pieces. Dough approx. 20 minutes allow to rest. Add chive. Heat up oil in a frying pan and bake the pancakes successively.